help us protect the monarchs

our vision

we envision a vibrant community farm, a model of shared governance and co-stewardship that helps restore community resilience.


we envision a space for the sharing of knowledge in agroecology, food sovereignty, and how to grow and prepare healthy food; a forum for popular and community-based education. 

we envision a thriving ecology that reconnect humans to the sacred web of relationship that sustains culture and lifeways. 

we envision a community where all people have equitable and affordable access to healthy food, rooted in principles of sharing and solidarity economies. 

we struggle in coalition with food sovereignty organizations and movements locally, nationally, and internationally. 

we envision the return of land to its rightful stewards, practicing rematriation and reparations as modes of collective healing, and community-based land stewardship rooted in right relationship with poor, Black, Indigenous, unhoused, and landless peoples of the world. ​​

Interested in joining our community?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the farm remains closed to walk-in volunteers at this time.

However, there are ways to get involved at Gill Tract! If you would like to volunteer with us, and can commit to a regular weekly timeslot, please fill out our volunteer interest form at this link:

Gill Tract Events Calendar