The Gill Tract Community Farm is launching a campaign to raise $61,000 to dramatically increase the Gill Tract’s capacity to be resilient in response to climate, public health, and socioeconomic crises like COVID-19. Your donation will go directly towards:

  1. Increasing food production and the health and safety infrastructure

  2. Increasing our production of medicinal herbs and herbal remedies

  3. Increasing our distribution network of food, herbal remedies, and sanitation supplies to reach hundreds more resource-limited, at-risk, low-income community members, prioritizing Black, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQ+, houseless, immunocompromised, elderly, and otherwise marginalized peoples! 

  4. Increasing capacity to aggregate food from regional farms and support local farmer livelihoods

  5. Supporting new staff positions to help focus on distribution and mutual aid

How our campaign will accomplish its goals:
  1. We will increase safe and hygienic food production by

    • Installing a hoop house on site, for growing seedlings to share

    • Training new cohorts of “Farm Educators” to farm, distribute harvests, and share tips online.

    • New hand washing station with hot water

    • New tool washing station 

    • New produce packing station with sanitizable surfaces 

    • Developing new food safety protocols

  2. We will increase our herb production by

    • Purchasing herb seeds and starts to grow more medicinal herbs

    • Increasing our herbal supplies like jars, bottles, bags, etc. 

    • Supporting our community of herbalists and helping distribute their products to marginalized communities.

  3. We will increase distribution of food and herbs, in reciprocal relationship with our community partners, by

    • Supporting the expansion of Black Earth Farms CSA program. 

    • Increasing distribution of food and herbal remedies to Sogorea Te’ Land Trust and their networks, and paying our annual Shuumi land tax.

    • Partnering with Ancestral Apothecary, and Manzanita Wellness Clinic, and Placemaker Herbals to share herbal remedies across the East Bay.

  4. We will increase capacity to conduct mutual aid at the farm by

    • Starting a food aggregation and distribution program from diverted waste food due to COVID-19. 

  5. We hope to be able to hire staff. We are currently a 100% volunteer organization.

Gill Tract Events Calendar 

DUE TO COVID-19, the farm is currently closed to walk-in volunteers.

However, if you would like to volunteer with us, and can commit to a regular weekly timeslot, please fill out our volunteer interest form HERE.

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