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Our Community Agreements

We praise and respect the Earth, giving thanks for the land that we are on, Lisjan Ohlone land in the Village of Huichin.  The following agreements are rooted in our desire to build meaningful and authentic relationships with one another, and reflect our commitment to creating a welcoming, safe and inclusive space at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm.  All those present at the Farm (or working on its behalf) are expected to hold one another accountable to these agreements:

  • We do not shame or belittle others, or make unsolicited comments on people’s bodies, race, gender, religion, or other aspects of their personal identity.  

  • When someone has told us their gender pronouns, we strive to use those pronouns, and correct each other’s mistakes if they occur.  

  • We do not engage in physical contact with or direct sexual attention towards another person without their consent.  

  • We respect people’s verbal and non-verbal cues to disengage, and respond accordingly. 

  • When we notice negative stereotypes and oppressive patterns in language or decision making, we make this known and work to address the issue.

  • We do not direct violence, verbal threats, or physical intimidation towards others, and we avoid name calling, heavy sarcasm and general unkindness.

  • We do not steal, destroy, or misappropriate the shared resources of the farm, or others’ personal property.

  • We treat each other with respect and kindness, and assume the best about one another, especially when there is disagreement.

  • We hold ourselves and others accountable for the impact of our actions, not just the intent.

  • We commit to direct, authentic, and open communication and transparency in how we share and distribute power.

  • We make decisions and solve problems collectively, and respect the decisions made in our working groups, Stewardship Council, and Stewardship Assembly. 

  • We seek to stop harmful behaviors immediately if we feel empowered to do so, and seek help from others at the farm if we do not.  


If you believe someone has violated our community agreements, you may seek help from a Farm Educator, reach out to the members of the Anti-Oppression Working Group listed below, or fill out our feedback form! 

We believe that swift, direct, and authentic responses to oppressive behavior are the best ways to mitigate harm. Accountability for violations of these agreements begins with verbal reminders, personal reflection, and direct mediation.  In the case of serious or continued violations, restrictions may be placed on participation at the farm, including permanent removal from the project.

The feedback submitted here will be reviewed by the Anti Oppression Working Group (AOWG). Specific comments will be shared with the relevant working groups, individuals, or programs as needed. If anything reported here is found to be in contradiction with our community agreements (listed here: the Anti Oppression Working Group will decide on the best course of action and address the issue. AOWG is piloting elements of a process for upholding these agreements, which include:

1) peer-to-peer counseling with a member of AOWG,

2) mediated conflict resolution,

3) interviews and investigations into reported behaviors,

4) transparent communication to active members of our community,

5) recommendations to specific individuals designed to mitigate harmful behaviors, and

6) this online feedback form. 


Anti Oppression Working Group includes: 
Cole Rainey: colemanwestfallrainey AT   
Loa Niumeitolu: loaniumeitolu AT
Paul Bernstein: paulbernstein49 AT 
Signe Mattson: mattsonsigne AT  
Will Smith: will AT 
Krystof Lopaur: krystoflopaur AT 
Minkah Taharkah: minkahtprod AT

Vian Xu

Nazshonnii Brown-Almaweri: nazshonni AT

Traver Riggins: traverriggins AT

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