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Join a Working Group

Become part of our collaborative community!

Working Group meetings will be posted publicly on our calendar.

Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings, but please come only

if you are interested in contributing to this work.  If you're interested in

joining a working group, please send an email to for further information.

  • Communications

  • Community Outreach

  • Events and Education

  • Farm Management/ Soils Production

  • Finance/Fundraising

  • Mission/Vision/Values

  • Research

  • Monarchs

Working groups carry out task-based and day-to-day operations and report back to the Stewardship Council and Stewardship Assembly. New Working Groups or changes to the Working Groups structure, such as consolidation of Groups, may be proposed by the Stewardship Council or an existing Working Group. Proposed Working Groups are ratified by the Stewardship Assembly and then added to the roster.

Each working group has at least one, preferably two, coordinators who convene meetings, keep a working group attendance/participation roster and make sure that the group is keeping up with its responsibilities. Coordinators will also maintain a roster of those people considered active in the working group, and update it at least once a year to remove people who have ceased to be active.  Each working group decides for itself what constitutes “active membership”, based on our values.

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