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We want to hear from you! As part of our commitment to creating an inclusive, equitable, and just community project, the Gill Tract Community Farm has created this form to solicit feedback from anyone who participates!

This form provides a space where individuals can share both positive feedback and constructive criticism about the farm. We hope that by creating a central platform of this kind, we will help create a more supportive environment for everyone. 

The feedback submitted here will be reviewed by the Anti Oppression Working Group (AOWG). Specific comments will be shared with the relevant working groups, individuals, or programs as needed. If anything reported here is found to be in contradiction with our community agreements, the Anti Oppression Working Group will decide on the best course of action and address the issue.


AOWG is piloting elements of a process for upholding these agreements, which include:


1) peer-to-peer counseling with a member of AOWG

2) mediated conflict resolution

3) interviews and investigations into reported behaviors

4) transparent communication to active members of our community

5) recommendations to specific individuals designed to mitigate harmful behaviors

6) the online feedback forms found on this page

Feel free to visit our Contact Us page for other farm-related inquiries.

Thank you!

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