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Have an idea you'd like to pursue? We'd love to hear about it!

The Farm has a UCB graduate student that acts as a Research Fellow, who:

  • connects volunteers who have research ideas with necessary resources and advisors at UCB

  • suggests project ideas to UCB students seeking to do research at the Farm to complete class requirements

Email us to get in contact with the Research Fellow!

As a collaborative effort between the University of California Berkeley and the local community, the UC Gill Tract Community Farm supports a range of research. Previous and current research projects include:


  •      The Millet Project

  •      Developing Turkey-Resistant Crop Plans

  •      The Use of Biomass Beds to Reduce Water Inputs

  •      Cultivating Dry-Farmed Tomatoes

  •      Measuring the Value of the UC Gill Tract Community Farm

  •      Analyzing Current Operations and Future Potential of the UC Gill Tract Community Farm

  •      Crop Designs

  •      Undergraduate Research through the URAP and SPUR Programs

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