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Education & Events

The farm offers a space for educational programs for various age groups (K-12, university students, adult community members, elders). We are looking to collaborate with local residents,  schools, community centers, garden education programs, and UC Berkeley students/alumni/staff/faculty. We are dedicated to facilitating greater justice, knowledge, and awareness in the community.



The Education and Events Working Group is honored to welcome Lydia Violet Farshid-Harutoonian back to the farm for this very special self-care workshop,  designed for anyone moved by music, with folk icons MaMuse,  and drum wizard Kele Nitoto!  

Lydia is a long time friend of the farm, a Persian-American musician, and a community facilitator of healing in the tradition of legendary movement elder, Joanna Macy's "Work that Reconnects":

“How to confront what we scarcely dare to think? How to face our grief and fear and rage without going to pieces? It is good to realize that falling apart is not such a bad thing.
Anxieties and doubts can be healthy and creative, not only for ourselves but for our society, because they permit new and original approaches to reality.
Our defenses and assumptions disintegrate in periods of intense loss.
Self-protection restricts our vision and movement like a suit of armor, making it harder to respond wisely.
Going to pieces, however uncomfortable, can open us up to a new awakening to reality.
Despair is feared and resisted because it represents a loss of control. We’re ashamed of it and dodge it and try to get back to the routine of our lives.
Uncertainty, when accepted, sheds a bright light on the power of intention. That is what you can count on: not the outcome, but the aspiration you hold, the path of awakening you choose to follow.”
- Joanna Macy
Nourish your soul and renew your faith through the power of music and community.

Click here for more information, tickets and the scholarship application.



  • After school programs and Summer Camps

  • Community workshops, classes, and speaking events on topics related to food, farming and gardening, social justice, community-building, healing modalities, skill sharing, and ecological issues.

  • Tours and workdays on the Farm

  • Celebrations

  • Music (drum circles, concerts, jam sessions)

  • Participatory research projects

  • Multi-cultural and multi-lingual garden projects

  • Art projects

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