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Be a Veteran Farm Educator 
 an important role for the function of the farm

Volunteering to be one of the daily Farm Educator is a great way to deepen your involvement at the Gill Tract. Ideally, each day should have two educators: a Gate Host and a Field Educator. You can sign up for a weekly position to host and volunteer.



Welcome people:

  • Help them to sign into the volunteer log and fill out a liability waiver (if they haven’t already). You can also show them the sign-up for the bi-weekly/monthly newsletter and detail potential interest in further involvement

  • Communicate tasks for the day and what can be harvested (which is listed on the whiteboard behind the welcome table) and point them to the Field Educator who will help them find a specific task

  • Be able to orient newcomers, answer questions, communicate history, and explain the current status of what the Gill Tract is working on

  • Encourage volunteers to sign up for a regular time slot on the calendar

Recording tasks - make sure that people are:

  • Weighing and logging all harvested produce in the harvest yield journal

  • Logging hours and activities in the volunteer log

  • Recording any new plantings in the planting/development log

  • Crossing off tasks that they have completed on the whiteboard

  • Recording all activities and tasks completed for Farmer's Working Group


This is more of a supervisor role and should include moving around the field to be sure that things are running smoothly.

In the field:

  • Help people get started on their tasks by detailing useful tools, location of task, and basic knowledge of the task/procedure

  • Be ready to answer questions about tasks to be ready to direct them to other people or signage who can help them. Encourage people to ask questions!

  • Explain what and how to harvest all that can be harvested for the day

Recording tasks - remind people to:

  • Cross off their completed task from the whiteboard

  • Enter any new plantings in the planting/development log


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