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Our Medicinal Herb Garden

The Medicinal Herb Garden

The ecologically designed Medicinal Herb Garden (MHG) located within the UC Gill Tract Community Farm is home to 200 varieties of herbs important in major medicinal traditions, e.g. Chinese acupuncture, Indian Ayurveda, native North American, African American and many others from around the world.  

The MHG serves as a demonstration and cultivation garden to facilitate and encourage the resurgence and perpetuation of traditional cultures’ healing arts and consciousness wisdom.

We call it "Our" Medicinal Herb Garden to include you.  Please receive this invitation and be part of wider community.


How to Get Involved

  • Stop by during open hours for a visit

  • Volunteer on the Farm

  • Come by to pick up a plant start


Check the Facebook page for upcoming events

Contact Information

1050 San Pablo Ave.

Albany, Ca  94706



Farm Hours

Sundays 11-5;

Farm Stand 3-5 pm, inside the San Pablo Ave Gate

Mondays 2-5pm

Tuesdays 2-5pm

Wednesdays 11am-2 pm

Thursdays 11am-2pm - Medicinal Herb Garden Workday


Closed for Winter: Check Socials for Dates

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Mission and Values

Medicinal Herb Garden seeks to provide an opportunity for restoring our relationship and respect for plants, as well as for the traditional wisdom that has been cultivated through herbal use.

Ultimately, the Medicinal Herb Garden seeks to cultivate a lifestyle that facilitates a grounded, restorative, and positive energy consciousness that values all species, cultures, and the environment.

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Health Sovereignty

There are many culinary herbs in the Medicinal Herb Garden and also many more that provide physiological, psychological, and spiritual healing as well. We believe that people should have the right and opportunity to make choices about their health.


Through the Garden, we hope to promote more gentle plant medicine alternatives to harsh pharmaceuticals.


At the Medicinal Herb Garden we make medicinal plants available for personal and public medicinal herb gardens.  We support herbal practices in an effort to restore medicinal sovereignty.

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