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Historic classroom at the Gill Tract gets a new lease on life

Volunteers at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm held two workdays this month to refurbish one of the Gill Tract's classrooms that used to be part of the research facilities within the Experiment Station for Biological Controls.

Since the Experiment Station's closure in 1999, the classroom has experienced light use by faculty in the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, but its main function to date has been for storage. Community members from the Farm are to hold "classroom visioning" workshops in the next month to determine how the classroom should be designed. The classroom will be a space for educaitonal programming, food preparation workshops and Stewardship Assembly meetings. The volunteers hope to design and paint a mural about the Farm's mission to make the space more welcoming.

Click on the slideshow to view images of the in-progress clean-up.

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